Amibot Discord

AmiBot Discord

This is a Discord bot that allows users to access their student portal directly in Discord. The bot is written in Rust and uses go-amizone as its backend. This project uses as its Discord bot framework.

Project repository: (opens in a new tab)

About the Mentors

Priyanshu is a student at Amity and a Rust developer intrn at Aftershoot.

Project Tasks

Add sentry logging

Performance metrics


The bot is kinda slow right now so finding out why would be nice.

[shuttle] Envoirement syncronisation between worskpaces


As shuttle doesn't use a normal .env file but a special Secrets.toml which can only be accessed by the bot workspace. But the amizone workspace also needs to access some secrets. After much thought I decided the best way would be to create another worspace that acts as a secrets manager(?). Then the other workspaces can ask it for secrets

Add better logging


The basic features are set up just need to better messages at better places. Its really not good right now

Add support for examination schedule

Better help text/docs