PixelBlaster OS: Custom ROM based on AOSP

Project repositories: https://github.com/PixelBlaster-OS (opens in a new tab)

About the Mentors

Venkatesh is a Support Technician at Atlassian and a champion of Open Source Software. He loves Android and Linux and is currently a maintainer for AOSP.

Project Tasks

Blaster Theme Picker

Add fragment to show monet settings


  • Add a new fragment like the font picker/ icon picker fragment.
  • The fragment will have different switch and seekbaar preferences.
  • Create a dummy fragment. The actual settings will be added later


Simple application to download and apply OTA packages.

Add changelog


  • Currently, a hard-coded string is shown whenever a new update is available.
  • Replace the hard-coded string with a changelog fetched from a markdown file stored on a GitHub repo.
  • The markdown should be rendered properly instead of showing raw text.

Rename and refactor package


  • Rename package to com.blaster.Updater
  • Replace all occurrences of lineage OS with PixelBlaster-OS
  • Nuke any unused resources ( strings, drawables, colors, etc. )

Migrate from RecyclerView to a singular layout


  • We will never be providing multiple updates simultaneously so having a RecyclerView is useless.
  • Need to transfer and adapt relevant code from the UpdatesListAdapter to UpdatesActivity.
  • Completely nuke all RecyclerView related code and layouts.

PixelBlaster OS Website

Make device cards flip to show changelog


  • When a user clicks on a changelog button in a device card, the card should flip to show the latest build's changelog.
  • The changelog should be fetched and rendered from markdown file stored in a github repository.

Create a blog system


  • Add a page/card to show blog posts.
  • Blogs should be rendered from markdown files.
  • The design of the blog page should be consistent with the rest of the website.
  • Blogs should be ordered by date and time.

Fix Responsive design

Description Fix Responsive design for various screen sizes