AmiVerse - An Android and iOS client for AmiZone

Welcome to the AmiVerse repository! This iOS and Android application is designed to streamline the user experience of Amity students by providing a seamless interface to interact with the Amizone student portal. Powered by go-amizone (opens in a new tab), AmiVerse eliminates the frustrations of manual logins and sluggish loading times.

Project repositories: App (opens in a new tab), backend (opens in a new tab)

About the Mentors

Bhavya Dang and Vijit Chandna are students at Amity with a history of frontend development.

Project Tasks

Mobile App (React Native)

Username not showing on homepage even though it exists

[FIX] SafeAreaView not working only on All Courses page on Android

[FEAT] Add a loading screen (splash screen or spinner)

Improve card and progress bar design on the courses page

[FEAT] Add hamburger menu on bottom nav to open a page for miscellaneous stuff


The menu should open a bottom sheet that will transition from the bottom to the middle of the screen and show the following options:

  • Examination result
  • Faculty Feedback
  • Adding wifi

Redesign bottom navigation

** Backend (Python) **